View and optimize your energy consumption in your buildings

AREE Building is an Energy Management software that allows companies and public communities in the industrial and service sectors to reduce their energy costs and CO2 emission. 

Our solutions enable you to record and analyse the consumption in order to reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

AREE intuitive web interface allows you to view the consumption data of your site from any Web browser.

AREE Building is designed to be used in professional and commercial buildings, offices industries, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, sports facilities, town halls and other public facilities.

Monitoring and improving your energy performance

Measurement Points

The deployment of a solution of energy efficiency becomes fully efficient when the distribution of the measurement points in the installation is judicious and when relevant energy parameters are measured.

The main energies and fluids that an installation consumes are: electricity, gas, fuel, water, compressed air, special gases and steam. 

The consumption of these energies varies from user to user depending on its profile (building, light industry, heavy industry, commercial, …).


Control the consumption of all energy sources in your buildings

Collect Data

Collect data on all energy consumption from a BMS or the various field meters.

Organize and analyze

Analyze data to understand consumption and identify energy-consuming equipment.

Monitor and publish

Publish results and reports. Help your staff be aware of energy savings so that they can act and improve.


Act and make decisions, decide on action plans in order to consume less, produce better and decrease your emissions!

Collect Data

AREE Building includes standard drivers which allows you to collect data from :


BACnet, Modus…


MySQL, Oracle…





Easy integration with heterogeneous architectures.

Adapts to existing infrastructures and upgrades.

If AREE Building is frequently chosen in the absence of BMS  (Building Management System) on medium-sized installations, in more than 80% of cases, it is also installed in addition to a BMS. AREE Building is already connected to the most widely used BMS, a flexibility that is appreciated by Inneasoft’s many partner integrators.

Architecture 1

Installation with your BMS / CTM

If you already have a BMS (Building Management System) that supervises all the equipment of your site, you only need to supply AREE Building with the data from this BMS.

Connected with the most renowned software from BMS/CTM

  • Schneider Electric Struxurware®
  • Arc informatique PC Vue®
  • Trend 963®
  • Tridium Niagara®
  • Siemens Desigo insight®
  • Johnson Controls METASYS®
  • Wonderware historian®
  • Schneider Electric Vista®
  • Iconics GENESIS 64®
  • (…)

Architecture 2

Installation without BMS / CTM

Multi-protocol, AREE Building collects and centralizes consumption data directly from automated machines, meters or sensors from various sources.

Connection interface

  • SNMP
  • SQL
  • Modbus
  • OPC
  • BACnet
  • Lora / LoraWan
  • M-Bus
  • Sigfox
  • Ftp
  • Tic
  • MQTT
  • GRDF
  • Enedis
  • (…)


AREE software solutions include the following connectors as standard:


Message Queuing Telemetry Transport


Simple Network Management Protocol



M-Bus Wireless

Wireless Meter Bus


Open Building Information Xchange


Open platform Communications




Building Automation and Control Networks


File Transfer Protocol

More connectors...

Contact us to add a connector

Organize and analyze


Intuitive interface

  • Intuitive web-based user interface (HTML5).
  • Management of access rights for display and configuration.
  • Creating personalized dashboards from basic element (consumption curve, energy performance graph, gauge …).


  • Organize your meters by location, group or nature.

  • Possibility to create virtual meters.

  • Import your meters in batches.

Calculations & Analysis

  • Calculating energy efficiency rating and carbon footprint.

  • Unified Degree Day calculation to compare the consumption regardless of weather conditions.

  • Prices management (Hc, Hp,…)

  • Multiple unit management for comparison or aggregation.

Continuous monitoring

  • Monitor the evolution of your consumption in order to check the efficiency of an energy plan, etc.
  • Compare your consumption with different time spans or different locations.
  • Check your bills by displaying the cost of your consumption over a time span taking into account the tariffs.
  • Anticipate your consumption by calculating the impact of climate conditions on the energy consumption of your site.
  • Visualize your energy efficiency rating and carbon footprint in real time.
  • ISO 50001 A software for monitoring an energy management system.


Making energy efficiency everyone’s responsibility!

Display your data, performance indicators and personalized calculations via your web browser to understand the reasons for consumption to detect any anomalies.

Create automatic consumption reports in different formats.


Publish graphs and dynamic indicators in halls and common areas.


Communicate through the management of dynamic displays on a dedicated screens. AREE Building will help you to raise staff awareness about energy savings and make energy efficiency everyone’s responsibility!

Gallery & Overview

Conso DJU2

Conso DJU2

AREE Emplacement

AREE Emplacement



Emplacements-Etiquettes énergétiques

Emplacements-Etiquettes énergétiques

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Version: 2.0.0

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