Explore and manage your BACnet/IP devices.

InneaBACnetExplorer is the ideal tool to explore and control your BACnet/IP network and all its equipment. This solution can be used as a standalone or integrated with energy efficiency tools.

BACnet is available as a free downloadable version limited to exploring and viewing equipment, objects, properties as well as viewing COV schedules and subscriptions.

The professional version, which can be tested free of charge for 10 days, also allows you to manage the writing of properties, calendars and time programs as well as many other options.


Explore and control your BACnet/IP network and all its equipment



Automatic discovery of all the BACnet/IP devices, objects and properties of your network.


Display all the devices and their objects in a tree view with a direct access to all their properties.



Change the value of the properties, view and acknowledge your alarms, modify your calendars and schedules.


Graphically display your trends, calendars and schedules.


  • BACnet/IP protocol
  • BACnet properties reading and writing
  • Visualization and modification of calendars
  • Visualization and modification of schedules
  • Visualization of trends
  • Register as foreign device
  • Filter and sort devices, objects and properties
  • Devices clock synchronization
  • Ease of use
  • Network card selection
  • In English and French
  • Save and restore the content of your BACnet/IP network
  • Organize your BACnet objects in favorites for a quick access

Gallery & Overview

Integration with energy efficiency solutions

AREE Building integrates the management of BACnet protocol
and allows you to monitor the evolution of your energy consumptions.

Differences between the free version and the professional version

FeaturesFree VersionProfessional Version
Automatic devices discovery
Automatic objects discovery
Automatic properties discovery
Calendars display
Register as foreign device
Filter and sort devices, objects and properties
Schedules display
COV subscriptions display
Properties writing
Calendars modification
Schedules modification
Trends display
View and acknowledge alarms
Devices clock synchronization
Save and restore the content of your BACnet/IP network
Export of EDE file


Download BACnet Explorer

Current version: 1.0.267

Free version

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Pro version (10 day trial)

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Professional Version

Choose between a license file or a USB dongle. Find answers to your professional license questions on the Store page.

Compatibility: InneaBACnetExplorer is compatible with Windows 7 and higher, or Windows Server 2008 and higher.
This version uses .Net Framework 4.8. In order to run the program, you maybe need to update .NET Framework. You can download it here:
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter any difficulties.


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