Compare and optimize with AREE!


Clear and precise presentation of the Energy Mix 2023 versus 2022!

🌟 Compare and optimize with AREE!

Clear and precise presentation of the Energy Mix 2023 versus 2022!

📊 In this example, AREE is used to compare the gas (GRDF) and electricity (ENEDIS) consumption of a aquatic center between the years 2022 and 2023.

In just two clicks, thanks to a user-friendly interface, analyze consumption data from various suppliers over different periods.

🔍 The ENEDIS and GRDF connectors, integrated into AREE, allow for easy collection of consumption data from sites, directly from suppliers’ databases (without additional sensors on site). You can access a history of daily consumption for up to three years for ENEDIS and five years for GRDF, if available.

💡 AREE is the essential software for efficiently tracking and analyzing your energy consumption.

For your information, INNEASOFT can develop connectors for your national energy suppliers.

👉 Check out the page: Energy Sobriety Plan – ENEDIS and GRDF Connectors

More information on the AREE Building page

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