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The ATEE association is committed to advancing energy management and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The objective of the Association is to promote greater energy control in businesses and communities and mostly, to help energy users to better understand possible actions to save and manage energy in order to contribute to the national objective of fighting for the reduction of greenhouse gases, while improving their own profitability. It has 2,200 members.

Acting together for sustainable and controlled energy that respects the environment.

  • The ATEE gathers actors in the energy chain to compare points of view and capitalize on feedback. It brings together people with similar concerns and from different backgrounds to allow everyone to be better informed and be more effective.

  • As a national network structured in regional groups,  ATEE constitutes a crossroads of exchanges and reflections for its members. This networking enables multiplying actions as close as possible to the field and collaboration with other actors.

  • The ATEE provides economic and technological monitoring to inform, raise awareness and motivate. The Association disseminates synthetic and concrete information in order to help its members develop their knowledge, optimize their management and in their decision-making. 

  • ATEE works for the general interest. The characteristic of the association is to exceed the particular interests of each member, sometimes conflicting interests in order to look for points of agreement for the sake of general interest.

  • In this open and consensus-based approach for the general interest,  ATEE mobilizes skills and experiences of its members to work out proposals and discuss with the public authorities measures to advance energy management and fight against the greenhouse effect.

6 Clubs functions within the association:

– The Cogeneration Club
– The C2E Club – device for Energy Savings Certificates
– The Biogas Club (CTBM – Qualimétha Label)
– The Energy Storage Club
– The Power to Gas Club
– The Pyrogasification Club.

With its 12 regional delegations, the association organizes each year almost 40 conferences, information days and visits to technical installations throughout France.

Website: www.energie‐

ATEE publishes ENERGIE PLUS, the bi-monthly energy management review.