MQTT integrated in AREE software solutions


MQTT protocol is added to the long list of protocols and connectors available in AREE software.

The MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol has become an international standard in communication between IoT objects and machines. This publish-subscribe messaging protocol based on the TCP/IP protocol is light, fast, efficient and secure.

The AREE software solutions now fully integrate this protocol:

  • AREE acts as a broker to directly receive messages from a meter.
  • AREE can become a client of a broker to subscribe to topics, for example with platforms like The Things Network.
  • AREE includes an MQTT explorer.
  • AREE can also expose data in MQTT via its broker (consumption, points, alarms, etc.).

AREE software solutions allow the collection, accounting, analysis and reporting of all the energy consumed in your buildings, datacenters and industries.

More on the product pages: AREE Building, AREE Datacenter, AREE Factory.

More information on the MQTT protocol:

MQTT integrated in AREE Energy Efficiency Solutions

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