One software to cover all your energy monitoring projects!


As an integrator, you are constantly searching for the best products to achieve your clients’ goals. In the field of energy monitoring, this often means juggling with a multitude of systems and software, each requiring specific training and skills. But today, all of this changes with AREE. 

AREE is the ultimate solution that allows you to centralize and simplify your energy monitoring projects, regardless of the data source or the BMS/EMS system used. 

Here’s why AREE is the ideal solution for you: 

  • One Product to Learn: Become an expert in one product that covers all your energy monitoring needs. No need to master multiple systems. 
  • Universal Compatibility: Integrate AREE with any BMS/EMS system, whether it’s PC Vue, Johnson Controls, Distech Controls, and many others. 
  • Comprehensive Features: Collect data, work with it, create intuitive dashboards, analyze, and trigger alarms—all using a single interface. 
  • Time and Efficiency Savings: Reduce training and implementation time by centralizing your skills on AREE. 
  • Lasting Value: Once mastered, AREE brings you valuable and transferable expertise, beneficial for all your future projects. 

How does it work? 

  • Data Collection: AREE starts by collecting all necessary energy data. 
  • Processing and Analysis: Work on and analyze this data to extract valuable insights. 
  • Dashboard Creation: Create customized dashboards to visualize energy performance. 
  • Alarm Management: Set up alarms to monitor and quickly react to anomalies. 

With AREE, you streamline your operations, maximize your efficiency, and provide your clients with robust and innovative energy monitoring solutions. 

Don’t waste any more time juggling between different software—adopt AREE and become an energy monitoring expert. 

Join the AREE revolution and transform the energy management of your projects today!

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