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ENERGY METERS – Electricity

Power analyser WM30 – Power analyser WM40
Thanks to its plug-in modules, the WM30 or WM40 is an extremely flexible solution. Communication protocols available: RS485, Ethernet, BACnet IP, BACnet MS / TP, Ethernet / IP

EM21-72 is an innovative energy meter with dimensions of only 72 x 72 mm, it has a mounting detachable display for front panel or DIN rail mounting.

EM24 DIN is a compact analyzer. In addition to the electrical variables, it is able to measure the consumption of gas, hot water, cold water and heating, then retransmitting values ​​via the RS485 port.

Gateway – Communication platform

The VMU-C EM is the ideal web-server-based solution for monitoring small to medium installations. With its specific integrated web-service functionality, it is capable of automatically transferring the data via FTP to a remote server, where a SCADA, BMS or specific software like AREE Building is running.

Gateway – BACNET IP

SBWEB is a platform that manages the Modbus / TCP and BACnet / IP protocols and features a Web server. All points of Dupline ® and counter values ​​data is automatically available as BACnet objects.

Gateway – Smart building controler

SHWEB is a controller that integrates all functions of the smart building. The product manages the Modbus / TCP protocol embeds a Web server and controls one or more Dupline generator.

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